How communities can contribute to fight against global warming

How Communities Can Contribute To Fight Against Global Warming

The fight against global warming is mounting with each passing day. Canadians can track the impact of global warming on climate change at Climate Atlas of Canada. There can be no doubt that one of the major concerns which man has today concerning his environment is global warming. Global warming has led to many countries coming together to discuss ways in which they can reduce the emissions which are being exposed into the environment. While this has gone a long way in ensuring that the rate at which global warming increases, communities around the world can also help in different ways to ensure that we never have to feel the full effects of global warming. This would include:

  • GREEN AND MORE GREEN: one of the simplest ways in which communities can ensure that they are protected from climate change and in extension the world in general, is to make sure that they make increasing the amount of vegetation in their area is their paramount concern. The reason being that the presence of trees around a particular area has the ability to reduce the heat levels of that particular location. This obviously has a positive effect on the environment and would actually help with the threat of global warming.
  • OLDER BUILDINGS ARE IMPORTANT: while everyone likes the shiny feeling of having a brand new property, our environment is definitely not loving the brand new property in anyway whatsoever. The truth is when a new building has been built, the possibility of a significant increase in heat would always be higher. One way in which communities can avoid this is to ensure that they try to maintain the older buildings and reduce the rate of new buildings erected. This would ensure that we are not heating up the environment with every new building that is erected.
  • ROOFING MATTERS: Another thing that matters a lot but is usually overlooked is the roofing patterns. While some persons may really enjoy the feeling of having their roofs in a darker color, this really does not do any favor to the environment which we live in. When we use darker colors for our roofs, this allows for heat to be absorbed and therefore add to the heat already in the environment. This would, in turn, result in the overheating of the environment and in turn increase the chances of global warming. It is thus advised that communities use lighter colors which would enable them to be able to reflect the heat outwards instead of absorbing it. The same also applies to pavements and other metals which might need coloring. Communities who adhere to this advice would be contributing effectively to the environment and to the threat of global warming.

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On a final note

Communities are made of people who would no doubt feel the full effects of global warming if it strikes. With this in mind, every one of us has a duty to ensure that we eradicate the chances of global warming. We cannot just sit down and wait for it to be solved. Several steps would need to be taken as outlined above. This would ensure that our earth is saved for generations to come.