How to live a carbon neutral life

How To Live a Carbon Neutral Life

Climate change is one of the biggest problems we are facing all over the world today. Every year, humans release tons of carbon into the earth’s atmosphere, with transportation being one of the major causes of carbon release into the atmosphere. However, the best way we can reduce these climate changes is by living a carbon neutral life. Canada is on the cutting edge of environmental trends and emissions reductions. Many big Canadian businesses like the Maple Leaf, Imperial Oil, Drolet, and Nutrien are evolving towards carbon neutrality. Before we talk about the various ways by which we can live a life free from carbon, it is important you measure your carbon footprint.

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DIY ways to save energy at home

DIY Ways To Save Energy At Home

Energy is one of the most parts of our lives. This is because we use energy for almost everything that we do. For example, energy is needed to make sure we have electricity or to ensure that our heater is working properly. Energy is also needed to ensure that all our appliances are working in perfect sync. The need for energy is simply out of this world, and you would hardly find anyone who would disagree with that idea.

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How communities can contribute to fight against global warming

How Communities Can Contribute To Fight Against Global Warming

The fight against global warming is mounting with each passing day. Canadians can track the impact of global warming on climate change at Climate Atlas of Canada. There can be no doubt that one of the major concerns which man has today concerning his environment is global warming. Global warming has led to many countries coming together to discuss ways in which they can reduce the emissions which are being exposed into the environment.

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