How to live a carbon neutral life

How To Live a Carbon Neutral Life

Climate change is one of the biggest problems we are facing all over the world today. Every year, humans release tons of carbon into the earth’s atmosphere, with transportation being one of the major causes of carbon release into the atmosphere. However, the best way we can reduce these climate changes is by living a carbon neutral life. Canada is on the cutting edge of environmental trends and emissions reductions. Many big Canadian businesses like the Maple Leaf, Imperial Oil, Drolet, and Nutrien are evolving towards carbon neutrality. Before we talk about the various ways by which we can live a life free from carbon, it is important you measure your carbon footprint.

Carbon Footprint

Measuring your carbon footprint means that you are calculating just how much carbon you and your family are emitting on a yearly basis. You can also make use of footprint calculators on the internet. With these, you’ll be aware of the amount of carbon your household emits every year and will know what areas you need to make changes to live a carbon neutral life.

Tips For CO2 Neutral Life

Go Solar

Not only are solar panels cost-effective, but they are also more effective than they used to be. Using solar energy is one of the best days of reducing the amount of carbon emitted by both you and your family. For example, a typical solar system that produces a yearly energy of 7,100 KWH can reduce the amount of carbon emitted by as much as 4.9 tons every year. Going solar is one of the best ways of reducing the amount of carbon your household emits every year and they are very affordable.

Buy Carbon Offsets

Buying carbon offsets is a great way of reducing the amount of carbon you emit every year. It can also help with developing solutions to help reduce emissions long-term. This way, you will be taking a big step in living a life free from carbon.

Eat Less Meat

Eat less meat

Another way to make sure that you have carbon neutral life is to ensure that you reduce your meat intake. When doing this, it is important that you make sure that you reduce your intake on meat particularly gotten from beef and lamb. This is due to the fact that the meat gotten from these animals has the ability to emit methane. In case you are wondering why this is bad, methane is frequently being described as being dangerous and part of the gases which has the capacity to add to global warming.

Home Heating

Another thing which can help you keep your objective of living a carbon neutral life is your home heating. When your houses are not properly insulated, heating up that house would usually take up more energy that is normally needed. What this does is that it creates more carbon in the atmosphere.

To Wrap It Up

There are many benefits which can be gotten from living a life which is free from all usage of unnecessary carbon. However, to achieve this life, certain things have to put in place. By following the tips which have been mentioned above, you would be able to accomplish your goal.