Top environmental pollutants in Canada

Top Environmental Pollutants in Canada

One of the major problems which the world is facing today is the growing threat of pollutants in our environment. This is no different when it comes to Canada. Canada is no doubt one of the best countries in the world right now. For example, Alberta which is a region in Canada is perhaps the greatest region in the world.

However, despite all the positives, there are still several issues which are persisting in the country. A big issue right now is pollutants. These pollutants have the potential of slowly destroying the high standards which Canada has set consistently over the years. These pollutants would include:

  • NITROGEN AND SULFUR OXIDES: One of the easiest ways to pollute the environment generally is through the air. Air pollutants are pretty popular in Canada. These air pollutants have a way of saturating the environment and wrecking havoc in the process. Air pollutant can come in the form of various gases. Some of these gases would include sulfur and nitrogen oxides. Other gases also pose a great problem for the environment. These gases are most times released by industries during the process of production. This is one huge contributor to pollution in Canada.
  • MERCURY: Mercury is a material or element which is used in the production of such things like batteries and thermometers. Mercury poses a significant threat to living things here on earth. Mercury has the ability to contaminate food if exposed to the environment. When this happens, it often leads to disastrous consequences. Mercury also has the ability to affect humans in more ways than one. It can even affect the unborn child. All this makes Mercury one of the greatest worries of pollution in Canada.
  • CAR EMISSION: most of the world is still fixated on using mechanical cars. This means in other words that every time someone uses a car in Canada, emission of poisonous gases are released in the atmosphere. These emissions are not positive for humans and the environment in general. One gaseous substance which is released is Carbonivoxide. These substances have been proven to be detrimental to everything most living creatures. As far as we have mechanical cars around in Canada, these pollutants would remain intact.
  • SMOG AND ACID RAIN: another thing which has the potential of being a pollutant in Canada is smog and acid rain. This does not have a positive effect on the skin of any human or the environment in general. This particular aspect is responsible for many problems which arise in the country from pollution. There is no doubt that Canada would be a better place without the acid rain.

At conclusion

Pollutants are issues which seem insurmountable in Canada. Many pollutants remain in Canada despite repeated efforts made by the government and other environmental organizations. Several steps are still needed in order to ensure that these pollutants are taken care of. The list of pollutants could on, and it is clear that Canada has a job on their hands in eradicating these pollutants.