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About Us
The Conservation Council of Ontario is a provincial association of conservation leaders working together to support the voluntary transition to a conserver society in Ontario. Our members practice and support conservation, and are conservation leaders in their field of expertise.

As a Council, we promote networking, collaboration, and innovative ways to make conservation easy, affordable, and desirable.  Through our programs, we seek to be a catalyst for the positive social and economic change we see happening around us.

Around the world, all jurisdictions are talking of the need for sustainable development.  Few, if any, have an institution comparable to the Conservation Council of Ontario with a mandate to support a coordinated and collaborative voluntary transition strategy.

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Our Members
Listed below are our organization, business, and municipal members.  For a complete list and directory of our members, please visit our members site (external link).


  1. AGCare (Agriculture Groups Concerned About the Environment)
  2. American Fisheries Society (Southern Ontario Chapter)
  3. Bruce Peninsula Environment Group
  4. Bruce Trail Conservancy
  5. Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment (CAPE)
  6. Canadian Centre for Pollution Prevention
  7. Canadian Institute of Forestry (S. Ont. Section) link to the CIF main page
  8. Canadian Institute of Public Health Inspectors -- Ontario Branch 
  9. Canadian Land Reclamation Association - Ontario
  10. Canadian Society of Environmental Biologists - Ontario Chapter
  11. Canoe Ontario
  12. Centre for Sustainable Watersheds
  13. Clean Water Foundation
  14. Council of Outdoor Educators of Ontario
  15. Durham Sustain Ability
  16. Earth Day Canada
  17. EcoSource Mississauga
  18. Endeavour Centre
  19. EnviroCentre (Ottawa)
  20. Federation of Ontario Cottagers' Associations
  21. Friends of the Don East
  22. Green Enterprise Ontario
  23. Green Infrastructure Coalition
  24. Green Trans (Oakville)
  25. Greenest City (Toronto)
  26. Kinark Outdoor Centre
  27. LEAF (Local Enhancement through Appreciation of Forests)
  28. Living Green (Environmental Action Barrie)
  29. Local Food Plus
  30. Oakville Green
  31. Ontario Camps Association
  32. Ontario Federation of Agriculture
  33. Ontario Federation of Labour
  34. Ontario Healthy Communities Coalition
  35. Ontario Horticultural Association
  36. Ontario Institute of Agrologists
  37. Ontario Landscape Alliance
  38. Ontario Professional Planners Institute
  39. Organic Food Conferences Canada
  40. Ontario Sustainable Energy Association
  41. SHARE (Simcoe Huronia Association for Renewable Energy)
  42. Sierra Club Ontario 
  43. Soil and Water Conservation Society  link to the SCWS main page
  44. Summerhill Impact (formerly the Clean Air Foundation)
  45. The Sustainability Network
  46. Toronto Zoo
  47. Waste Diversion Toronto/Canada
  48. Water Environment Association of Ontario
  49. Wildlands League
  50. Women's Healthy Environments Network
  51. Workers Health and Safety Centre


Member Businesses (new category)

  1. The Anavitas Group
  2. ECO Building Resource Ltd.
  3. Ecomedia Ottawa
  4. Grun Canada

5.     REGEN Energy


Member Municipalities (new category)

  1. The Town of Oakville
  2. The City of Oshawa


Members website

Our membership is growing, our movement is growing. 

No surprise then that the demand for networking and opportunities to work together on collaborative projects and and policy recommendations.

Our members website is a place where you can connect with our members, or apply for membership and participate in discussion forums on conservation issues and policy.

The Conservation Council of Ontario
215 Spadina Avenue, Suite 129
Toronto, Ontario
M5T 2C7

p: 416-533-1635     

e: info(at)weconserve.ca

Our Staff


Karen Wong


Project Manager

Karen Wong is an Environment and Business graduate specializing in environmental impact assessments from the University of Waterloo, and has worked in provincial government and academic settings. Including experience in environmental consulting and electronic waste recycling. Other specialties include marketing, event management, environmental education, and environmental auditing. Karen has a strong interest in sustainability, conservation, animal welfare, and water fluoridation exposures. Karen has the excellent ability to merge commerce and sustainable practices while improving organizational efficiencies, and is actively involved in several organizations as a volunteer and a conservation professional.

Graham Hawes





Our Board
The Council is managed through a board of directors elected from the Council's membership.


Marcus Paul


Marcus is a serial entrepreneur with particular interest in the start-up phase of business opportunities. His has gained valuable insights through business operations he conducted in Canada, Europe and Asia. As a result, Marcus has built a strong network of international contacts who he can rely on to implement business opportunities.  More recently, his focus has been on transforming and growing Blixitt Inc. domestically and internationally from a product based sales company to an environmental solutions focused organization.


Marcus also volunteers his time as the President of a local Toastmasters club, helping individuals find their voice and become better leaders.  He enjoys discussions about transportation infrastructure and a couple of opinion pieces on the future of personal electric transportation have been published.



Vice-President & Treasurer

Kyla Greenham

Kyla has significant experience developing conservation education programs for adults, children, students and government officials for all aspects of ecosystems as well as managing personnel. She has worked with the Boards of the Haliburton Highlands Outdoors Association and Haliburton Lake Trout Project applying for and obtaining charitable status as well as completing annual status reports. Currently, as the Curator of Conservation for the Toronto Zoo, she is undertaking initiatives to transform the zoo into a carbon neutral facility. In addition, she is creating a large reference library and network in green initiatives, green technology and conservation programs.




Susan Yu


Susan Yu graduated from the Schulich School of Business, and now uses her skills to help marketers be more efficient and effective. Outside of a somewhat concerning obsession for conversion rates, she is extremely passionate for environmental preservation on both a macro and micro level. You can often find her either lobbying against oil and gas expansion, or sneaking her compost into neighbours' bins until her building introduces its own system. 




Alana Prashad


Alana holds a masters of energy management from the Norwegian School of Management, ESCP Paris and IFP Energies Nouvelles as well as LEED accreditation.  She is the Americas Regional Cleantech Head for Innovation Norway, the trade arm of the Norwegian government, and has expertise including biofuel, CCS, green building smart grid, and environmental technology for oil and gas.  




Tom Du


Tom currently works in Ontario's energy and social finance sectors. He has also given sustainability talks in Germany, Greece, and Canada.  He has written for various publications, including magazines and a book. He holds a Master's degree focused in sustainable energy, a corporate finance degree, a graduate diploma, and various certifications.




Leroy Brown


Leroy Brown is an Organic Farming Consultant, a Managing Director, Author and Editor for Cariporter Inc. Cariporter Inc produces, distributes, and sells nutritional, fresh, organic food and information to the community to build a strong sustainable agricultural sector, and by extension, a better environment for all. Leroy holds a Bachelor's Degree in International Relations from University of the West Indies and is currently pursuing a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Manchester. He is certified in Sustainable Agriculture, Transitioning to Organic, and Project Design. He has several publications for Cariporter Inc. with primary focus on organic farming. Leroy is passionate about conservation and would like individuals to have healthier lives starting with the consumption of nutritional, organic food.




Opher Baron


Opher Baron is a Professor of Operations Management at the Rotman. He has a Ph.D. in Operations Management from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology along with an MBA and a B.Sc. in Industrial Engineering and Management from the Technion. His research interests include, applied probability and its application to facility location, service operations (such as healthcare), inventory planning and revenue management. Opher has an interest in improving the usage of resources in order to better conserve the environment.



Past President

Loghman Azar            


Loghman is a founding partner at LINE Architect Inc. since 1990. He graduated from Harvard University and has designed pioneering and visionary projects with expertise in sustainable architecture and ecological urban design


Project Staff and Interns
The Council regularly hires project staff and interns to help develop the organization and our programs.  If you've seen the updated Community Action Manual and program, that was largely due to the work of Julia Ford.  And our work on the Live Green Toronto city-wide network was given a tremendous boost by Annie He, an intern out of the University of Waterloo Co-op program.

We are also indebted to our allies and pro bono supporters, including Environmental Communication Options and Tenzing Communications, who assist us in promoting the Council and conservation.